Turning Hearts

2017 Deep Wells
Parenting Conference

Bringing together “a multitude of counselors” from city and country in the unity of the Holy Spirit to learn from one another and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ as individuals and parents.

Conference Details

March 11, 2017 8:30-4:30 pm
Koinonia Fellowship, East Rochester, NY

$10 Individual/$15 Couple
Lunch Included.


Conference presenters

Alfonso Galvano

Turning Hearts
Having a good relationship with God the Father is the foundation of good parent-child relationships.

Kaynenn Parker

A People Prepared
Our children are growing up in what’s quickly evolving into a Post-Christian era. How can we prepare them for battle?

Olivia West

Pursuing A Purpose
How can parents recognize, appreciate and foster their children’s gifts and talents so that they can be ALL that God created them to be!

Aaron Hillyard

Order in the Home
We need a plan to face the struggles and use our strengths to bring stability to our home and glorify God.

Lori and Vince LaBarbera

Longevity in marriage in the midst of children
Keeping marriage a priority and working to keep it strong, in good times and in bad, for better or for worse.

Casey Fabiano

Parenting the Internet Generation
As parents we are the watchmen at the gate and we need to be aware of what our children are viewing online, and how to build accountability.

Jose Rosenbaum

Urban Ministry
We all know the City needs Christ, but how can your ministry best relate to urban families and impact their lives for Jesus?

Mark Shepherd

Reaching Millennials
Practical, Biblical ways to bridge cultural and societal gaps and foster relationships between young adults and older adults.

Domenico Danesi

Conference Chair
Our mission is to equip individuals and couples to become better parents.


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