2018 Deep Wells
Parenting Conference

Bringing together “a multitude of counselors” from city and country in the unity of the Holy Spirit to learn from one another and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ as individuals and parents.


Conference Details



March 10, 2018 9:00-3:00 pm
Koinonia Fellowship, East Rochester, NY

$10 Individual/$15 Couple
Lunch Included.




Conference presenters

Bishop David J. Singleton

Dealing With the Unexpected
The parental experience brings unexpected things – some delightful and some distasteful. God is faithful in both situations.

Pastor Ray Viola

Being “Spent”
 Lovingly spending and being spent – that’s the reality of a parent and grandparent who seeks to train our children in the ways of The Lord.

Christelle Helbig

Balance: Living Your Deepest Values
What do you truly value? How can you
re-order your life to ultimately live in a way
that reflects your most sacred values?

Mark & Janelle Shepherd

Discipleship In The Home
As parents in a God-centered home we need to embrace both evangelism and discipleship as we train our children in God’s Word.

Rei Pizarro

Step Into My Shoes
We will do some hands on activities that will help us understand what it is like to experience the life of a child living in poverty.

Luis Diaz

The Porn Epidemic
Is porn affecting you? Is it affecting your home? Men and women can walk free from this hideous bondage through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tim & MaryEllen Ford

The Strong Willed and the Compliant Child
How do we help our strong willed child know when to yield and help a compliant child know when to take a stand?

Domenico Danesi

Conference Chair
Our mission is to equip individuals and couples to become better parents.


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